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This contract of sale, in respect of Glencoe Wood, Keil Hill, in the Parish of Lismore and Lordship of Lorne (ROS ARG14245), is made on the
20th day of October in the year 2017 between Highland Titles Limited, a Company registered in Alderney 1599 and

Lord Patrick Spenlehauer

(hereinafter called “THE LORD”), c/o York House, Victoria Street Street, GY9 3TA, C.I.

Whereas Highland Titles has set out part of the estate known as
as a scheme of souvenir plots and has caused a common form of
Conveyance to be prepared.
Highland Titles has agreed with THE LORD for the sale of one
square feet of Glencoe Wood, Keil Hill, which for the purpose of
identification is plot number A313289, and is precisely defined as a
plot 1 foot by 1 foot with the south west corner of the said plot
resting on the Ordnance Survey Reference point 197318600,
753555000 and is hereinafter referred to as “THE PLOT”.
THE PLOT forms part of the estate identified as ALL and
WHOLE the plot of ground and being the subjects more
particularly described in and recorded in the General Register of
Sasines (Book 839 Folio 103-107)
and forming ALL and WHOLE the
four merkland of old extent of Kilcolmkill or Keill and others lying
in Duror.

Highland Titles, in CONSIDERATION of all sums due and paid to
us by THE LORD of which we acknowledge receipt and discharge
him HAVE SOLD and DO HEREBY DISPONE to and in favour
of THE LORD and to his executors and assignees all and whole
THE PLOT but without rights of vehicular access thereto over the
larger subjects; reserving those rights of vehicular access to Highland
Titles and its successors in title of the larger subjects and all others
authorised by it; WITH ENTRY as at the below date.
This deed shall be governed by the Law of Scotland.

THE LORD hereby covenants with Highland Titles that THE
LORD and successors in title shall not sell the plot number A313289
except as a whole, specifically not in such a way that it could be
registered or owned in separate titles or in separate ownerships.
In witness whereof Highland Titles has affixed its common seal at
the place and on the date above mentioned.

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